Christopher Bot's Fun Features

Christopher Bot works with Facebook Messenger. No matter where in the world you attend school, his sole purpose for existing is to remember your homework... so you don't have to.

Always In Your Pocket

Christopher Bot lives inside Facebook Messenger, and as long as you have your phone, you'll have access to Christopher Bot.

Simple Questions & Answers

Unlike more complicated bots, Christopher Bot asks all the questions and lets you answer using just a few words.

Eliminates Written Lists

Christopher Bot eliminates the need to write down your homework in a old-school paper notebook. The trees will thank you.

Nexus Black

Get Help Anytime

There are only a handful of simple commands to learn, and you can request a list of them any time.

Sends Homework Summary

At the end of each day, Christopher Bot sends you a homework summary so you know exactly what to work on.

Pauses During Vacations

Christopher Bot likes vacations just as much as you do. So he'll never disturb you when you're on a break.

What The People Are Saying

When you use Christopher Bot, your teachers will love you. Your friends will love you. Life will be amazing. But don't just take our word for it:

"I used to write down my homework on sticky notes that ended up scattered all throughout my backpack. Christopher Bot let me stop worrying about what I needed to do at night... especiallly on days where I had hockey practice and other distractions."

Connor J.

Grade 12, PCS High Scool


"Before Christopher Bot, I kept forgetting work I had to do. Even though Christopher Bot is made for students, it works for people in business, like me. I may be out of school, but I rely on it to keep me on track with actions items everyday."

Joanna Wiebe

CEO @ Copy Hackers


Who's Behind Christopher Bot

I'm a 14 year-old grade 9 student from Victoria, British Columbia, and I've been learning about Rails, API's, and Bootstrap for the past 2 years. Oh, and I used to forget my homework a lot. I don't anymore!


Alec Jones


Someday I'd like to lead a team that's building a cool product, but right now it's just me.


Alec Jones


Christopher Bot is built on Facebook Messenger's API, Ruby on Rails, and Bootstrap 3 -- and hosted on Heroku.


Alec Jones


I still have a lot to learn here, but I already know it's important to market your app after it's built. No marketing, no users.

Stop Forgetting Your Homework

Send Christopher Bot a quick text and he'll message you right back with a link to set up your class schedule. It's uber easy to get started, so don't wait.

Got A Comment Or Question?

I'd love to hear what you think about Christopher Bot. Good or Bad. Have a suggestion for a new feature? Shoot it over to me. Have a Harry Potter conspiracy theory? Share it with me!